Foxtrot Alpha leaked its latest high-resolution panoramic photos of Area 51 to the public early this month, and the photos revealed a massive additional hangar that is under construction inside the base. The panoramic view showed pretty much of the entire base. The images were taken recently from Tikaboo Peak that is 26 miles away… Read More

The site has major structures that will pretty much show you almost all, if not all, of Area 51. The Hangar 18 has 2 sides about 300 ft and is about a hundred feet high. The true purpose of this hangar remains uncertain but there are rumors of course. It might be used as a… Read More

Strange things are part of people’s lives and they continue to exist on Earth despite the fact that evidence may not be as strong as a devastating hurricane. There have been reported events that people claim paranormal. In fact, the number of witnesses continues to rise as they believe that these strange happenings do not… Read More