Foxtrot Alpha leaked its latest high-resolution panoramic photos of Area 51 to the public early this month, and the photos revealed a massive additional hangar that is under construction inside the base. The panoramic view showed pretty much of the entire base. The images were taken recently from Tikaboo Peak that is 26 miles away from Area 51.

area 51 hangarIf you would look at the image’s left most part, you are going to see a huge building that is ongoing construction. Compare the construction of the rest of the other buildings in the image, and you will get the idea of how gigantic this new facility will be. All of the structures to the right are just miniature compared to the upcoming building.

The Hangar is expected to stand at about 70 to 90 feet from the ground. This vertical height is enough to hide something that is similar to the size of a 747-8i jumbo jet, and so many are speculating of what the new hangar will be housing under its huge roof and why is it so important to be housed in a newer facility. If it’s that important then, it is expected to be something that is surely ahead of its time, and it must be really big too. This lead to remembering one of USAF’s previous projects that involved some sort of Mother Ship and parasite drone concept aircraft, it also marked one of the most successful yet tragic projects in USAFs history.

It was termed Project Tagboard; the team who developed the M21 and D21 tandem and these two were the terrors of the skies in their time. An A-12 Blackbird was modified to become a Mother ship that is capable of bursting into high-supersonic speeds (MAC 4). On its back is the D21 drone, an unmanned aircraft that could be launched anywhere from Blackbird’s back in speeds faster than any flying machine in its time. But Project Tagboard arrived at a tragic outcome because unmanned aircraft technology (drone) is still far from mature. USAF’s satellite communications and digital flight control systems were too young to handle remote controlled aircrafts that time. During a test flight in 1960, the D21 drone smashed itself to its mother ship A-12 Blackbird a few seconds after it got detached killing one pilot and leaving the rest of M21’s crew in serious injury.

Just when you thought that USAF would already stop its development of speeding piece of metal that would end up exploding like Project Tagboard, well you are wrong. Army’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon blew into pieces shortly after its test flight in Alaska; the failure exposed other hypersonic technologies that the United States is developing.

There is a number of hard evidence to tell that the United States is still continuing its development of sophisticated airplanes that would be capable of flying in speeds that no one can ever imagine. You might have heard of the rocket plane XB-70 Valkyrie or the X-20 Dyna-soar, the X-37B with an Atlas V rocket propulsion system and as well as the rumored SR-72 built for the USAF as an unmanned hypersonic war wagon that can shoot into orbit in no time.

These aircrafts are big and well-kept in secret facilities like the hangars of Area 51; it is a possibility that these unknown aircrafts are the ones responsible for many UFO reports. Yes, that is a possibility but whatever it is that will live under the soon to open giant hangar of Area 51 in the coming years will surely be a massive one. And it will be not just a thing that the United States genius minds will just leave in the open for the kids to see.

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  • what i read sounds real good its exciting hope to see it some day. what the star ship you can call it carries 1,000 are more people to the stars in a hurry fueled may be its produces its own fuel if possible. maybe its left all ready gone saw it on discovery channel about 15 to 20 years ago.where do they keep such a monster ship at area51 i bet thanks

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