The site has major structures that will pretty much show you almost all, if not all, of Area 51.

The Hangar 18 has 2 sides about 300 ft and is about a hundred feet high. The true purpose of this hangar remains uncertain but there are rumors of course. It might be used as a quite very large elevator, in this case, to depress the planes Aurora and Black Manta and all the like that they are testing somewhere under the ground. Some say it only keeps the 2 planes, not transporting them to another place, or it is simply a hangar.

There is also this very hard to neglect runway that some people say is some 6 to 12 miles long. Having these speculations, this runway might be longest in the whole world, long enough to accommodate a space shuttle’s landing.

Again, the main reason of its construction is unknown. Rumor has it that it would accommodate the Aurora just right because of the plane’s very high touchdown speed. Even more interesting is that its length is accurate for an alien’s spaceship, those which are not at par with flying saucers. The personnel of Area 51 may have been preparing for something out of advanced technology. Or even simpler yet, this paved stretch might be used as a road, although it is evident in the clips that planes rest on it.

Like any other secret military bases, Area 51 also has a guard shack. The differences are that it has no satellite dishes, no defensive weapons on the spot and everything that we judge a guard shack to be and to have. It is only a place where uniformed guards called the cammo dudes hang out. Get near the shack and you will be fined $600 immediately.

Area 51 has 2 radar antennas to detect attacks. It also has smaller units and other kinds of sensors, the largest of them believed to be the largest in the world. They are all positioned at the base’s northern side. Every military base has to have at least one.

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  • i know a huge light ship with city on top of it holds 1,000 people are more. goes very fast to the stars with planets around. wish i could go on it

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