Strange things are part of people’s lives and they continue to exist on Earth despite the fact that evidence may not be as strong as a devastating hurricane. There have been reported events that people claim paranormal. In fact, the number of witnesses continues to rise as they believe that these strange happenings do not lie in front of the human eyes.

There is a place in the U.S. that people claim to have some of paranormal activity and that is the Groom Lake airbase located in Nevada. The place is commonly called as Area 51, which is also a facility for developing and testing new aircraft. This site is strictly isolated and trespassers without association with the site are expected to meet deadly force.

Area 51 has been rumored to have unusual activities happening inside. In fact, there were claims that the place was seen with unidentified flying objects or the so called UFOs. What is more is that there were allegations that the facility is the meeting area for high government officials and the outsiders or simply called aliens.

The site has been very exclusive that even a photographer is not allowed to take shots. The isolation of Area 51 and its scrutiny forces seem to add to the rumors that there are things inside it that are unusual, or paranormal perhaps.

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